Week 3 Part 2:

Business#1: Chick-fil-a 1. Chick-fil-a 2. 3. 4. Posts daily 5. 3/11/19 6. Chick-fil-a posts or uploads something pretty much everyday, which makes sense since they don't want their audience to completely forget about them.
Business#2: Costco 1. Costco 2. 3. 4. Posts twice weekly 5. 3/10/19 6. Costco is probably the least active out of my list, they only post once a week. I think this is ok given that they are not a fast food place or something.
Business#3: Aldi 1. Aldi 2. 3. 4. Posts daily 5. 3/11/19 5. I was somewhat surprised to realize that Aldi actually posts or uploads something everyday.
Business#4: Trader Joe's 1. Trader Joe's 2. 3. 4. Posts every other day. 5. 3/11/19 6. Trader Joe’s is pretty active, they post every other…

Week 3 Part 1:

I have only really ever contacted a company once and that was when one time my little brother bought a very expensive plane (one of those with a controller that flies very high) and it broke down after a couple of days. Luckily, it came with a 90 day guarantee and i called them and emailed them and they responded with “you have to talk to the store” and we talked to the store and they said “you have to talk to the manufacturer”, which was really annoying.
Honestly, I do think that social media does make it easier to get problem solved because social media makes everything be much more transparent, good and bad things. It makes the defects of certain products public, forcing the manufacture to fix them or let the company suffer from public opinion. I have never had a positive experience communicating with a business through social media. If I were to have my own business, I would address their concerns and have a really cool policy such has “if its damaged, we’ll fix it or we’ll give yo…

Week 2 Part 2

1. Latasha Cross
2. Michelle Jordan
3. Arianna Feliz

Week 2 Part 1

For me, Instagram is the social media platform that I consider the most personal. I use it to post pictures, share memes with friends and message other people. I really like Instagram, it is my favorite and it's the favorite of many of my friends as well.

Instagram is very clever for business. I remember buying a product from Instagram after just a couple of clicks, that’s super cool! I really like how smooth Instagram has been for business, it literally puts in all your info after you click on the ad. Many people would probably look and would still be hesitant and once they are putting down all their info, they still have time to pull out of the deal. But now, they cant. That's pretty smooth, at least that's what I think!
I think that Instagram works very well. In fact, it is too good to the point where it becomes addicting. I probably spend around 15-20 hours just scrolling through Instagram alone. I think who ever has been updating Instagram is doing a very good job!

Week1B: Blogs I commented on

Giuliana Lopez
Tracey Walz
Destiny Kastl

Week1A: My Template

One of the things that has made social media so dominant in today's world is that it is a window into what other people are doing. It allows you to see what friends, family and other people are doing, seeing or taking a part in without you having to physically being there. This is is why social media has risen so much, so quickly.

Another reason why I chose this template is because the quality is very good. The quality from one picture to another may be very little, but today's users have a keen eye for that little difference. That little difference in quality may be the different into where people like the picture or do not like the picture. In other words, the better the quality the better!

The final reason why I chose this template is because it is simple. The template is not overwhelming with to many things, it is just simple and direct. Sometimes a little artsy, simple picture can make the difference between it being a good picture or a average picture. Quite simply, the …