Week 17 Final Post

Social Media has transformed the way that I see business. I never really thought about launching my program and putting so much emphasis on social media, but that has surely changed. My application is very academic focus and though that social media was just not the appropriate platform but that has turned out to be completely false. My Student Success application is essentially an application that allows students to meet and engage with each other, with the goal of students being able to meet, support and create opportunities for one another. This works by connecting students that have the same major, transfer destination, or career interest as you with a simple click of a button. This, I felt, like was not going to do well on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram but I have been shown that that it not true. Facebook and Instagram, with the right advertising can be used for pretty much any business. Preferably, Facebook was the best platform to promote my business. By …

Week 16 Post 2

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Week 16 Post 1

I have enjoyed Facebook the most by far. I find Facebook to be extremely interactive and easy to get attention as well as appropriate feedback. Facebook is so large that if you can reach the right people and know exactly who to advertise to, your company can be extremely successful. I really enjoyed advertising my company on Facebook because we are able to reach out to our specific population: high school students and college students. The one that I disliked the most was Twitter. My messages tend to be informative and therefore a bit large and Twitter just did not have as many people in our population to be able to reach out to. Twitter was just not the platform for us to use. Not many people, not our pool and not the best way to reach people. At least, that was the way that I felt about it. Facebook has a number of tools that I have found very useful. My Facebook page did a great job of putting my company out there. More specifically, I found three different things that I used to me…

Week 15 Post 2

As for my first measurement: Total likes, comments and shares, the amount of total likes is 11,458 and the comments and shares range from 8 to 17 per post. This is a great example of presenting ourselves to a large number of people but still not doing well enough. We are able to reach a large range but are unable to go deep. This can be seen in the large number of total likes and how it is not on level with the comments and shares. We need to find a better way to engage the audience. Total likes, comments and shares are crucial to the company's online success as the higher the number that people will visit and/or see our posts in the future, a good indicator or predictor of that. As for the second measurement: Number of people reached and people engaged. We reached almost 24,000 people. The vast majority of them being in the United States. Almost half of those Americans being from San Diego. This helps us narrow down to see if our audience is really the people we are targeting too…

Week 15 Post 1

Having a Facebook page for your business can do a really great job of putting it out there. However, you have to know how to use it. There are a number of tools that are there to help your company get attention but not using them correctly is like driving in the dark without your headlights on. It is critical to know how to use the tools in the right ways. For me, there are 3 things that I would like to measure to determine if my company was a success through Facebook. Those 3 different features that I would check for are 1) Total likes, comments and shares. 2) Number of people reached and people engaged. 3) Page and tab visits. First, I think that total likes, comments and shares is important because it is very important to have a positive engagement on your page. The higher the number is a huge indicator that more people will see your posts in the future. Second, I think that the number of people reached is important because it will give us insight as to people on Facebook have we s…

Week 14 Post

The Facebook ads that I created will be very successful. The three Facebook ads are consistent and hold a slightly different message. The message for each is geared towards a slightly different population. The first is geared towards the general audience and welcomes any person in the US that would be willing to learn more about our company. The second ad is geared towards high school student specifically. Here we show what the college life is like, what college is best for you, what career is best for you with quizzes and matches your school, major and city to best fit the high school students need. The last ad is about community college students. Here we offer more information about transferring to the school that is best for you in terms of prestige, cost, location, school size, school engagement/student life and so much more. The three ads have the same picture because we want our logo to be the main thing that the audience see, that way we are able to build a brand. Building a br…

Week 13 Post 2

Week 13 Post 2: I am really geared towards posting ads on Facebook, more specifically, Facebook banners. Facebook banners has targeting options that are very advanced, very affordable and can still get excellent results, helps develop customer loyalty, can help track performance and ROI. Facebook banners help target the specific audience that you want to reach based on several factors such as gender, proximity and other important factors that help weed out the people that you don't needs and help you focus on the audience that truly matters. Facebook banners also have different options that can help work with you. There are options such as Optimized CPM, CPC (Cost per click) and CPA (Cost per action). Facebook banners can also help track the amount of times your ad was shown, the number of actions or clicks people took and the cost per click, cost per like, and cost per conversion based on your specific goals.